Halloween Adventure πŸŽƒ

Trick or treat, my dear friends!

Come closer! Jack-o-Lantern is very cheerful today and invites you to drink from his magical source!

We’ve just finished this holiday card with my superduper calligrapher @Sasha Eisenberg πŸ’š to fill you with a truly magical mood! So grab your best magical potion and have a real monster bash and a trip to wonderland!

Well Hero, would you dare to take a sip? Press β€œL” if you do*!




* JackπŸŽƒ: β€” Ho ho, I’m glad to share this magic with you! Way long haven’t I met such a brave wayfarer! I give you this pumpkin. This is Jack Jr.! πŸŽƒ It will give you whole lotta luck in your heroic way! It’s all in your hands, my friend. See you soon!

Adeline Lokoyda
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