Over the last few years of being part of the User Experience team I've learned a whole lot about our users: the event planning professionals. It's not the typical consumer product, or marketing kind of user-research. Working with user researchers as they do whole bunch of interviews, sessions, gather backgrounds on many types of event planners has been an amazing experience. Not only did I help the User Research team put personas into these one-pagers, but I've also contributed back to the data as I've been an event planner myself within the company.

This is a never-ending kind of work. Personas always change, merge and their priorities shift over time as does the product. The needs become more obvious when they are laid out next to each other. In the case of the event planning, one of the first and most obvious category we've found was the "before," "during," and "after" an event. This is the best way to map out which users come in using your product at different urgent points of their tasks.

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