Another Freestyle Friday exercise from one of our creative sessions here at DS where we practice refining our design thinking skills, speed and conceptual thinking.

This particular week, our 60 minute brief was, "What is music to you?".

I felt my own definition of music needed to include some writing, as writing and lyrics are a huge part of why music touches me so deeply. I wrote a stream-of-consciousness style poem explaining exactly what music is to me, then overlaid different parts of the poem on top of one another with a multiply effect to create a bit of illegibility. I wanted some of it to be illegible, as the meaning of music in my life is a highly personal one.

If you really want to read it, you can—but you have to look a lot closer. Just like the meaning of many pieces of music.

Lastly, I accompanied my styled writing with two images that sit deeply in my soul, representing some of my favorite musical pieces.

This is definitely a more experimental piece of design but I feel it is executed with intention and has a strong conceptual foundation for what music means to me personally. Enjoy!

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