A quick Freestyle Friday piece from our bi-weekly creative exercises here at DS where we are given a creative brief and have exactly 60 minutes to ideate and execute our ideas.

For this week we had to design a quote of our choice. I chose a lyric from a Front Bottoms song—one that has always resonated with me.

I took the concept of "bending" and solved for my design through the use of a scanner—a trick most print designers know very well but one I had never experimented with before. I printed "ARE BENT" and then took the printed words and sent it through a scanner while slightly moving it as it scanned. This created an analog distortion effect that suited the quote perfectly.

I quickly drew the hand in my sketch book and scanned it into my computer, vectorized it, and multiplied it on top of my quote.

Pretty proud of my one-hour baby.

Quick exercises like these always challenge my speed and thinking, and help me to utilize those skills when facing client work. Think on your feet, trust your gut, and execute with intention.

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