Àngels Pinyol

Novomesto Packaging CD

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Novomesto Band CD Novomesto is a post hard-core and punk rock music band formed in Vilafranca del Penedès, Barcelona in 2015. They produced songs with political and anti-establishment lyrics.

Furthermore, the band self-produce recordings and distribute them through personal website (www.novomesto.cat). The design expects to describe the band message lyrics. For that reason we created the CD packaging with the idea of expressing how Novomesto lyrics are, which are full of metaphors and social criticism.

We illustrated the CD packaging using the collage technique. That collage is formed with black and white photos to represent the sick society and destruction, and the color photos to express the power of life.

In addition, we mixed the old photos with colourful nature images with the intention to reflect the constant fight between life and death.

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