How it all started....


It was 17.07.2011, on 10:35 AM. Filip comes up to his laptop, opens up PS. Decides to finally get something more useful than icons and banners. Starts to use triangles. But...what was that? His mum comes in. Filip shields the screen, as there was some porn. Mum gets out of room not spotting anything. 'Huh. That was close' he thought. Connecting triangles gives him a pleasure, but he suddenly sees, that smart guides are off. 'GOD DANG YOU YOU STUPID PROGRAM' he thought and started it all over again. Dad comes in and asks: "why don't you go outside and do something useful on fresh air" and gets a response "STFU it's not your business". Working hard. Getting something to drink or eat? Hmm, risky. Someone could come in. After a few hours he's finally done. He was brave and he is the greatest now. Today only you, INTERNET WATCHERS, now, who am I after work. Daily as a perfect student, later as a guy with obsession.

Cheers, David!

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