Shahab Siavash

8 Color fonts [Latin + Arabic / Persian]

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8 Color fonts [Latin + Arabic / Persian] colorful colored multicolored chromatic type fonts color font arabic type design type design persian type font typeface typography

This is a special bundle of 8 multicolored or chromatic fonts. Every single glyph has a different set of colors. A colorful heaven if you will :)

3 "Colorful dream" fonts has Latin and Arabic / Persian letters. 5 other "Rainbow dream" fonts are unofficial Arabic / Persian versions of the Gilbert color font.

You can write as colorful as the picture above in Adobe Photoshop CC 2017, 2018 and Adobe Illustrator 2018. No plugin, add-on, extra app, nothing is needed. Just install the fonts as any other font and it's done.

Today could be your most colorful day ever!
Get them now!

More pictures of these fonts here:
[3 Styles: Regular, Outline & Distorted]
[5 color variation styles]

To buy the fonts in Iran: or

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