Friction Factory Logo Sketches

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Beginning of a new project for a new UK indoor climbing outfit called The Friction Factory.

There are a few other UK companies but whose logos are less than inspiring, given the nature of the sport. So the client is keen to use this opportunity to create a solid and iconic style logomark with some strong typography. Ideally wants a solid mono style of design, which is just up my street. :)

I have been playing with some ideas that formed over a few days, some of which you can see. The main idea that has evolved is similar to the middle icon, with the red type. The idea is that is both looks like a hand in a semi clench pose, side profile, and also the top half of the climbers body, with arms outstretched.

This idea then lead me to the bottom left image, the whole body version. But I found that if you style it just right, it also creates two initials, as shown by the red line drawing to the right, one being inverted. So with this, we get the hand and body link as well as subtle reference to the initials. Ideally all in a non cliche package.

There are a few options, one is a more angular approach, which also actually creates a nice association to a spanner/wrench which is indicative for grip and strength and friction between surfaces (ideal climbing and name associations), or the middle left version which is smoother and rounder.

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  1. Friction Factory Logo 1st Concept


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