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Bread helps retailers offer pay-over-time solutions as a way to build stronger consumer connections, power sales, and improve brand loyalty. They came to us with a too-playful, overly-illustrated brand system and an unnecessarily literal logomark.

Brand Strategy indicated their need for a comprehensive brand experience that embraced "approachable professionalism." The mark needed to stand alone in a whitelabel product environment and we pursued clean, minimal iconography to help support the professionalism of the brand, paired with visual language that felt innovative, unique, and approachable.

While we ended up with a more abstracted "loaf" mark, as opposed to a B monogram, there was alot of love for the prolific and strategic explorations of designer @JT Grauke. The end result of our partnership is live on their site getbread.com, including the amazing conceptual photography by @Alicja Colon.

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