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Awesome news again! The website we created here at Zajno for WebJoint, a software provider and a platform for cannabis retail businesses, is finally live! We’re still adding a few finishing touches, but you can already check it out here.

It’s not the first time we’re working with the guys from WebJoint: about a year ago we redesigned Point of Sale improving its UI/UX and making it fully responsive. So when they turned to us asking to redesign their website, we were happy to help them again as we’re pretty inspired by the work they’re doing. It was also cool to meet the guys at TechCrunch. I was especially happy because people kept asking where they got those cool illustrations, and that was just music to my ears, haha, it was fun drawing them, btw. Enough about me :) Now, here’s some info on the project:


Designing and developing a brand-new website for WebJoint so that it was more informative, easy to understand and more effective in attracting new customers. The idea was also to present a new product - software that allows brands to sell products directly to their clients, in this way helping them grow their businesses.


One of the requirements to the design was that it shouldn’t be too corporate, much like a cannabis startup. The website had also to be fully animated and spacious. So what we were aiming for while trying to come up with the right design solution was something aesthetically clean, smooth, free flowing and functional. The priority was to clearly communicate WebJoint’s new platform as that’s a new concept they are bringing to the table. So one of the solutions we arrived at was utilizing more white space to be able to focus on what’s important. We also used character illustrations to show the connection between the brand and retailer. Аll animations we used help get the point across to the end user, at the same time adding more life to the overall feel of the website.


Check out what we ended up with here and let us know what you think about the result. Eager to hear from you!

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