Free PSD - Nokia Lumia Tab (Windows 8)


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I've been getting in to designing some Metro Apps for Windows 8, but needed a sexy looking tablet to show it off ;) Everything is vector-based so its completely scalable. Easy to drop in your own designs and show them to the world. The screen size is the minimum for Windows 8 (1366x768) which is the same as what the UI mockups are that Microsoft provided for designers, so just throw it in and you're done :D

Check out the attached for a larger image and the download link, or get it here:

I can't take all the credit though, I just adjusted Liwen Guo's original Nokia Lumia 900 which can be found here: I definitely recommend you go check it out! Along with his other free PSD's. You can find Liwen at and

Again, a big shoutout to Liwen for letting me build on the Lumia 900 PSD and giving it to you guys. Enjoy!

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