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  1. Brian Hoff Brian Hoff

    It's the little touches in these shots that make them brilliant. The feel so real. Maybe a little bit of letterspacing for the all caps 'VISIT' – just a suggestion. :) Keep up the great work.

    over 3 years ago

  2. Roby Fitzhenry Roby Fitzhenry

    Glad you like it Brian!

    The tree illustration is currently a placeholder as well as the "stamp" graphic.

    I definitely agree with the letterspacing adjustments on the "VISIT" style. It was nice to see Times & Verdana playing so nicely together.

    Again, thanks for the kind words dude!

    over 3 years ago

  3. Brian Hoff Brian Hoff

    Well heck, that is the nicest damn placeholder I've seen. Verdana is always timeless and Times stays classy. ;)

    over 3 years ago

  4. Patrick King Patrick King

    Elegant and tasteful. Two things in danger of extinction on the design landscape today.

    over 3 years ago

  5. Phil Coffman Phil Coffman

    Liking the direction on this shot and this other one you posted. However the pagination dots in this one feel like they haven't been resolved fully. The dark gray background is flat and the "active" dot looks blurry. I think going with a dark color scheme for that control is nice, but the inner shadows, drop shadows, etc seem to conflict with the clean, sharp style you've got going on everywhere else.

    over 3 years ago

  6. Chad Hietala Chad Hietala

    This is looking awesome. Love the tiny details in the image slider.

    over 3 years ago

  7. Andrey Maxim Andrey Maxim

    It is some cool! Can you tell how to make effect like that on photos?

    almost 2 years ago

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