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Halloween 2018

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Old Jack Dusty loves Halloween and knives, so doing a Mocktober for the release of Halloween 2018 only seemed logical (shout out to my buddy Aaron Stump for giving me the idea). Not sure if you heard, but illustrations are all the rage. I created all these illustrations, custom type, and line work with pen and ink. Now I just need to set sail and see the movie on Friday. Happy Mocktober!

Post your own Mocktober:

All designers are welcome. Our team will pick the winner and award an engraved Mocktober trophy (US delivery only)... Past participants have gone on to mind blowing career leaps after winning. Google, Facebook, Uber, AirBnb, and MailChimp all use this as one of their primary recruiting tools and benchmarks. All you need to do is rebound an Elegant Seagulls team member's Mocktober shot and/or tag #mocktober on Dribbble.

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