Movie Booking App

Hi everyone!

The final version of the concept app i've been working on is finally here.

It's a movie booking app with a strong focus on usability, featuring a highly optimized checkout flow using the latest UX best practices and design patterns.

Some of the main features included are:
- Ability to checkout as guest or as an existing user
- Guest users can sign up after finishing the checkout
- Multiple payment options
- No hidden costs and fees
- Always visible —and detailed— order summary
- Multistep checkout flow to have less info on each screen
- One input full name
- One input address autocompletion
- Country and city detection from the zip code (and ability to modify if the autocompletion fails)
- Among others :)

As always feel free to leave a comment and/or your thoughts on it :).

See you on the next one!

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