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House Cleaning app concept

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House Cleaning app concept ui  ux design interaction ui  ux ui house cleaning app mobile application micro interaction cleaning micro interaction cleaning

Many of us perform countless micro interaction every day without realizing it. Anytime you engage in a simple, quick movement ( such as your locked phone screen action ) you are having a micro-interaction. Our mission is to create fluidity in every interaction. A user performs an action to which interface performs a reaction to let the user know that they have successfully performed an action.

The house cleaning micro interaction includes

Trigger: This is what initiates the action. On most interfaces, this includes clicking or touching the specific elements of the interface.

Rules: Rules prescribe the condition for a micro interaction to happen.

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Feedback: Feedback helps users to understand that the necessary rules were engaged by the trigger and that the micro-interaction is successful.

Loops & Modes: The purpose of loop is to determine the duration of interaction while modes takes care of less common action that help users to continue with the process.

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