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This is one I have been working on for a few weeks now, and finally presented it to the client yesterday who loved the idea. The logomark is pretty much settled on, but still playing with the type – the client isn't sure whether they prefer it with spacing between "theme park nerd" or not. I had it as "themeparknerd", but some of the team weren't so sure if they liked it that way. But overall, this one has been a dream to work on – really cool bunch of guys based in England.

We just have a temporary tagline at the moment until the guys make a decision.

Theme Park Nerd developed a few successful iPhone apps for the major Theme Park's in the UK, including Alton Towers and Thorpe Park. They are essentially a technical team that are providing services for Theme Parks and they are expanding rapidly. They needed a logo that could accurately represent who they are.

They had a series of logos designed before but none were really what they were looking for. There are so many cliche's associated with Theme Park logo's I decided to work on some ideas to create something that would merge the two elements, being "theme park" and "nerd". After about 8 pages of scribbles and sketches, I created this quirky little character (which they loved).

The process has been very smooth and enjoyable, and I may make a few little refinements yet, but pretty much settling somewhere around this.

As always, feedback welcome. ;-)

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