Oleg Frolov

Record Control Exploration

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Record Control Exploration switch ui animation microinteractions record button mobile design exploration recording mobile ux gif animation ui

Here is an exploration of a record button. A user can interact with the button in the different ways. Sure, you can tap the button on, and it will work. But the main idea was to allow the user to start a record while they do something else on a screen.

For example, the user has a horizontal scroll view. While they interact with the scroll view, they can start recording at any moment swipe up. In terms of the user, it could be considered as one gesture. So, it seems like it helps to reduce user’s cognitive loads. Look at this like each user’s gesture needs its initialization in their brain with its memory and calculation spaces. So it’s a sort of optimization of user’s cognitive efforts. Also, it works faster then if the user would need to select an item in the scroll view and than to tap on a record button.

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