Workday Fintech Shots

Hi there,

I am going to publish here some examples of fintech interfaces with a detailed description of all the data used in them, wording and sometimes explanations why I consider this example good or bad.

I have been working at finance for 3 years and mostly spent this time developing internal systems, so I will try to publish more details about this. We will discuss OMS, EMS, Compliance, KYC, order inception, portfolio management systems, analytics tools, client’s side (web portal and APP) etc.

I will try to publish a snapshot every work day, but rather, I do it in order to build a high-quality library for designers who have just got into Finetech, so let's see how it goes.
Perhaps, when I publish enough information for a good article, I would start publishing it on Medium.

So subscribe, comment if I say something wrong, ask if you need advice.
Starts on Monday. It will be fun :)

Posted on Oct 12, 2018

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