Image Histogram - Exploded View

Exploded histogram by vilen

For a while wanted to figure out how to create isometric exploded diagrams in Photoshop. What I assumed would be a straight forward process turned out to be a much more difficult one.

Biggest obstacle - Jagged edges!
I have tried every trick I could think of in Photoshop (3D rotate, distortion transformations, converting to smart objects and then transforming, blowing up 2x the graphic and then transforming it down...) Every time I would get jagged edges. So, after a long battle with Photoshop I decided to do 3D transforms on paths in Illustrator and then import them back as shapes to Photoshop.

It worked! Even though it seemed a bit tedious, I was happy to actually see it coming together.

Anyway, if you know a cool trick that would solve jagged edges transformation problem, let me know. I am all ears ;)

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