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Mario basics

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Hello Dribbble friends!
Here is a little warm up on illustrator after a waayy too long pause.
This is the first illustration i've worked on since last summer holidays.
It's been hard to find time/motivation to open Illustrator these last 2 months.. so i decided to reboot with something simple and nostalgic.

I took the first loose sheet of paper i found and draw something behind it, nothing too fancy , just ideas i had in mind. (See attached, spoiler alert: contains elements of the next shot).

Then i followed the simple process i'm used to for isometric stuff on illustrator:
- i built the floor with my isometric grid :
(take care to lock the guides, but not the layer they are on, and also disable snap to pixel options, this way you will create easily right on the guides intersections)
- For shapes like the pipe and the coin, i've used the fantastic script from @Dario Stefanutto as usual :
- Another helpful script is "common tangents", when you link complex shapes to create depth. You can find it here, the other scripts are cool too, the whole page is a gold mine:

That's all, i hope you found this useful and liked the shot! <3

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