Shruti Anand

Nutricane - Sugarcane Juice Packaging

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Packaging design of fresh sugarcane juice.

Ganne Ka Ras is a hark back to the
innocent days of childhood, of which we
all have fond memories. and we all miss it
because it is not easily available anymore
and we are scared to drink it from the
roadside vendors.
This is the classic nostalgia of India - an
India that was slower, calmer and greener.
Sugarcane juice goes back to a time of
childhood fairytales of jungles and
animals, when the cities of the country
had not become concrete jungles.
The visual iconography is done in modern
ways yet is quintessentially Indian with a
touch of playfulness to create a mood of
emotions, warmth and good memories. It
evokes the classic animals of India i.e. the
bandar, the haathi, the mor and the sher
along with a lovely old-school sugarcane
cart and the sugarcane itself.

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