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ZX Explorations - Recipe App UI Concept

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The weekly exploration is in. Decided to go to app UI concept since I haven't uploaded one in about year.

The theme choice was really easy because I found those amazing photos in Unsplash. 😅

In terms of build - Decided to add 'checklist' in the ingredients so you can better remove the ingredients that you already have/bought.

Also added a section 'How to' section, the idea for which is to have short videos on the steps which you can also check to see what's left.

What do you think?


Whats the idea behind the weekly moodboards?

The moodboard contains of images, fonts and colours which are later translated in a design. The idea is to challenge yourself to test new styles to create and test something new in terms of style grid or w/e you feel like doing with it. It doesn’t necessary need to be UI, it could be a print or something you feel might be looking cool.

DM me if you want to get the resources and/or participate.


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