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Campy Creatures Expansion I - Monster Type

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Again, sorry for the repost, I wanted to take advantage of Dribbble's larger size for retina screens!

Much of the display type in Campy Creatures is custom lettering, as it the case with the new Monster playing card in the game expansion. Here's some of the other go-to fonts I have used for Campy Creatures (although I have altered a few of these for a more customized look)…
• Eubie Script (myfonts.com)
• FT Giorgio (my fonts.com)
• Underground (myfonts.com)
• House Industries Monster Fonts
• Evil Intentions (my fonts.com)
• Futura Bold & Futura Condensed Bold (Adobe)

The Campy Creatures Expansion I and the Campy Creatures 2nd edition game is hitting kickstarter today! Keymaster will also have some other swag available in Backer Kit.

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