Aviation American Gin Concept Website Redesign

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Design by: @jblackdesign
Dev by: Waldo 😄

So a few weeks ago my friend @Jeff Black and I were chatting and I was perusing the interwebs when I stumbled upon Aviation American Gin's website. You may already know this already, but Ryan Reynolds recently became their owner and they have a SUPER fun brand.

While looking at the site, it didn't really feel like the site communicated that as well as it could. So I asked Jeff if he would be up for redesigning the site and I'll build it in Webflow. Jeff was pretty stoked and said let's do it! 😄

So I documented the entire process from start to finish.

I ended up uploading a Sketch file into @Figma (so that I could work on my PC for the build) and everything worked so seamlessly 😄. Mega props to the team over there at Figma for building such a great tool! 👏 🎉💯

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