Beholddy - Logo experimentation

I received lovely feedbacks about the Beholddy character/logo symbol from my last shot, so regarding your feedbacks, I'm trying to design a fresh new character, here it's the idea:

1 - Keep the idea of the multiple eyes, but making it simple, to perform better even it's displayed in small devices.
2 - Keep the smiling face using eye expressions.
3 - The Beholddy character will be displayed in the Dashboard where users create alerts, so I'm thinking to use once in a while motion to express its feelings as you can see in this shot.

As usual, all feedbacks are very welcome and appreciated.
If you like I would love to have your "L"

Have a productive day.
Stay tuned for more.
Huge thanks to @Diego Martins and @Taia Yurkiv . :)

Posted on Oct 8, 2018

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