Truth or Dare Kitty


I'm currently working on a 'Social Media' project for my masters course called "Truth or Dare Kitty'. In it's simplest form, I'm playing an online game of truth or dare where the masses can choose what truth or dare I do that week, all in the name of charity! In a more complex way, I'm hoping to reflect on the project as a social study on internet behavior.

In terms of design, I'm a big gamer and love retro games, and as this is a game, I went for a retro gaming look for the logo and the video sting. If you'd like to check out the project itself, it's over at:


I'd love to hear peoples feedback about this idea and the design I went with. I wanted to create a website to bring it altogether, but after faffing around with it I knew that if I didn't just launch it, I wasn't going to do it.


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