Damian Kidd

Roasted Myself

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Ok. So here is how my struggle is working out for Inktober. It is a story, be it a short one, of self discovery. And I am already behind.

I am trying to further my skills by introducing texture into my isometric illustrations. It is clear from this i need more practice and to simplify where I can. Quite honestly I could not think of a concept for roasted. So I ended up trying a few ways to do a roasted carrot.

I believe I am giving myself too much of a hard time for not being able to design what is in my minds eye. I guess this comes with more practise.

Letting go of what others may think is going to be key to my progression. As with most social platforms we are afraid of what everyone will think about everything, we will be judged. this is what our ruminating minds tell us at least.

So here is my piece, ROASTED. I am indeed roasting myself too much.

Honestly it is not fantastic but it is a step in the right direction and I am proud of the fight I have won in my head. Now I move onto to spell which I have a good idea for. Onwards and upwards.

Remember to let go, don't be bothered by scepticism. Hold your head high and push through your own barriers. Lessen that burden and design what ever the fuck you like.

Oh one last thing, it is not always about perfection. Which is something I still try to achieve in my work.

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