Alex Benson

Flight Screen

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This has been a long time coming. I've been working on this concept on and off for a few months. The concept is simple, but the implications are complex. Airplanes in the sky today are as old as the 1970s, and even the newer ones still have analog dials. I've been working on a couple of stages of concepts to digitize the cockpit ahead of the ADS-B mandate going into effect in 2020.

This is a concept of what a cockpit could look like in the future. An all glass display that spans the cockpit, with optional and configurable readouts based on the pilot's context. The display could change based on the plane or available sensors. You can toggle on cameras for the different parts of the plane to see an issue without having to do a flyby. Auto lean your engine's mixture at the press of a button.

I'll be posting this concept and the scaled back ones on my portfolio site soon with a full write up of all the research I had to do for this project.

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