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Reveal sale website logo layout

This has been a pet project of mine, on which I passionately worked for about 6 months (on and off) and I'd really someday to see (and use) it live. Because I don't have the resources to make it happen I decided to put it out for sale.

Here are a few things about the project

Spacedraft is a magazine design for tech and lifestyle news. It has dedicated pages for articles, photo and video galleries, events and more.

What I wanted to do differently with it, is too make a more fluent and easy reading experience. This means that the most important thing, the core of this design, is the content. That's why prominent features like the navigation menu, and areas like Featured, Popular, New are not defined by having a header which states what those news are, but instead, by the position and styling of the content.

The product images and related text featured in the layouts are not owned or endorsed by me and it will not be present in the source files for this reason.

Stuff included
• Over 25 layouts
• Styleguide
• Logo
• Domain name

Check out the mini website too :)

Contact me via Email or Twitter if interested. A tweet about this project would be kindly appreciated.

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