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Project Grid View

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TeamWave: Project (Grid View)

Project Management where people can manage their Tasks, Reports, Users, Milestones, and Events.

Now, how about showing minor details on the card itself so that user doesn't have to go inside the project to check out the numerical one by one. The user will also track down the project health and take the action, how productive it is or if it is delayed. The best possible way to fit these all numbers inside this small card is to divide them into two categories. Important one will show on the first view which is Project Health, Tags, Milestones and Events.

On top of each project card, I kept the progress bar of tasks, to see how many of it is completed (Green), delayed (Red) and remaining (Green+Red+Blue). Now, if the user wants to see that in detail they have to move the mouse cursor on top of the Project Card for the Project Insights. They will see all the task analytics and due date of the project.

Using filters like Active/Inactive Projects, People and Tags to find out the exact project to work among many.

I hope the description is clear for this shot.


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