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Hey there 👋

How cool would it be if we could just format the text here without writing any HTML code at all? 😱

I really like how the @Dribbble team pushing the updates during the last couple of months, especially with the new Shot Upload screen with the improved tagging and everything. 👌

However, my biggest pain point during the upload process is the constant struggle with the HTML code to format my post descriptions and comments.

So instead of complaining I wanted to go ahead and propose a super simple, but awesome solution for this text formatting problem. 🎉

You can check out this concept in full resolution here. 👉

As you can see I even left the option to switch back to the HTML mode in case someone is a big fan of that, so this could be a win-win solution for everyone.

Don't forget to press L to show some love!✨
(Who knows if it's requested enough maybe one day it'll turn into reality.)

Fun fact: in order to get pixel perfect results and get the vibe of this screen, I rebuilt every single pixel in InVision Studio before adding my own ideas into this. ✌️


Stay tuned and follow me for upcoming shots 👉

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