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  1. Paul Lloyd Paul Lloyd

    Sorry, I couldn’t help myself!

    This is already looking good, but I had a few suggestions and thought it best to demonstrate visually:

    • Adding borders and drop shadows to images takes up a lot of extra space. It's a good idea to give the photos some sort of treatment though, so I've added a faint border and white drop-shadow to made them look inset into the table row.

    • The table headers needn't be as tall as you have them. Not sure how tall they are by default, but I've tried to maintain aspects of both your design and native iOS conventions.

    • Finally, I've used multiples of 8 for margins and padding, just so that everything feels balanced and tied together. Once you've read this article, you won't be able to look at an iPhone interface in the same way again!


    almost 2 years ago

  2. Natalie Downe Natalie Downe

    This is lovely Paul!

    * I particularly like the changes to the header. You are right, it doesn't need to be as tall as I had it, our headers are custom so we can make them however tall they need to be. I wonder though if when the headers are more than just letters if there will be enough space for the decenders? We are using the same heading style on the schedule to split up the days.

    * getting rid of the borders and shadow does indeed give a lot more space to make the images larger and it reduces the visual noise too.

    * did you change anything else about the text other than that subtle highlight on the paler strap-line? The contrast between the name and the role looks a lot more pronounced on your version, which I like.

    * that article is fascinating, no I cant look at an iPhone interface in the same way again :)

    almost 2 years ago

  3. Paul Lloyd Paul Lloyd


    • Hmmm, not sure how well those headers will work with descending characters, but I'm sure the native UI which is also quite shallow accounts for them.

    • I added white drop shadows to all the text (though you can only see it on the paler text). If you look at the iOS interface, this effect is applied to pretty much all text. The contrast may be different, but not intentional; it may just be my version of the font and different rendering in my copy of Fireworks.

    almost 2 years ago

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