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Tough Metaphor Challenge

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Tough Metaphor Challenge idea metaphor deja vu eye logo icon

I recently worked on a project with a number of tricky, tough ideas to be expressed in icons. Funny how it seems impossible at first, but once you realize you just have to do it - you do it.

So that gave me an idea I want to try on Dribbble with you guys, and see we can have some fun with it, and also work out our creative muscle.


So here's the challenge.

This is my metaphor for Déjà Vu icon.

1. You can leave a comment to this post and I'll give you a tough (in my opinion) metaphor to develop.

2. You make a rebound of this post with the icon you create based on that metaphor.

3. Whoever comments you gets a tough metaphor from you, and they do a rebound of your post with their icon.

4. And it goes on till we're done playing.


Some basic rules:

1. No text preferably. I feel like using text in icons is sort of an easy way out.
2. Keep it simple. It's supposed to be an icon, not a concept illustration.
3. Keep it civil, keep it smart.
4. I think feel free to share your variation of the same metaphor in the comments, if you want to.

Let's get that brain working!

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