Hi guys,

a few days ago, I needed to take a group shot and there was no one around to snap us...

after digging in the apps store for a while and installing a few "camera timers" that required a manual to use... i came to conclusion there needs to be a SIMPLE & USER FRIENDLY camera timer app that could snap a photo or few in X amount of seconds.

Here's my take on it,

1. Spin the wheel to set timer (with natural feel, clockwise for more)
2. Unroll film strip to set sequence of photos u want to take (indicator on the left show number of the photos will be taken)
3. Start timer!

*if needed you're able to turn on/off flash and flip cameras similar to native ios camera app.

Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions or comments are welcomed! :)

Posted on Apr 24, 2012
Eddie Lobanovskiy

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