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Named after our beloved lion mascot, Giuseppe, this coffee bag design is inspired by Coffeebar’s beginnings and our Italian roots. For those who don’t know the tale (no pun intended), Giuseppe came to our owner, Greg, in a dream when Coffeebar was still just an idea. A dream of a warrior battling a giant lion, finally conquering it with a spear, but always honoring the lion and the challenge that it presented. This dream’s parallels to the story of Hercules and Leo and are the inspiration for the constellation design.

Hand Roasted. Vertically Sourced.
The concept by which all of our coffees are created. Where quality goes hand-in-hand with intentional sourcing, long-term partnerships with producers and importers, and a genuine commitment to origin. We source our coffee this way to share and honor its full story – from farmer to importer to guest – and to be a part of the journey as its local roaster and brewer.
We are proud to be serving you these new blends and to share the evolution our coffee story with you ... Enjoy!


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