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Street Fighter Car Smash - Quick Time Event

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Hello my dear dribbble folks :)

My previous Street Fighter Game got so much love form you that I decided to create a new one.

This is my thanks to you.

When creating a new game, I wanted it to be possible to actually win or lose it. I wanted the user to feel the excitement while playing. The inspiration for this game was the new Spiderman on PlayStation 4 and the "Quick Time events". I decided to create a game based on "Quick Time Events". Perfectly suited to will be Street Fighter and Car Smash mini-game.


1. Before I started doing the game, I checked whether it was possible at all.
2. I made a Prove Of Concept that worked( yay)
3. I designed a game and I finished with 90 artboards
4. When the game was over, I did a little research with the users to check how fast the car should be repaired. Before research, I set the repair time for 1 second, after research, I left 2 seconds.


1. You have to smash the car fastest you can
2. You can use the mouse or keyboard
3. If you will be to slow the cars will automatically repair

🔥Download the studio file and enjoy the game!🔥

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