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FREE Mobile Tractiv UI Kit Designed in Adobe XD

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Hey all!

One of my biggest concerns when it comes to being a productive designer is taking care of my personal health. If I don't have my mind and body right I can't effectively create. I sit at a computer for hours on end and it can be taxing on my back. So I created a simple solution where I keep a small sheet of paper with my favorite fitness activities printed on them, roughly the size of a business card in my wallet. I then check off each activity with a pen when I complete them throughout the week. This helps me to track progress, win little victories, and consistently keep the momentum going. When Adobe asked me to design a free UI Kit in Adobe XD, I took this idea to the next level and conceptualized a mobile app called Tractiv. Same basic idea with more breadth to it. Tractiv encourages you to complete your weekly fitness activities through goal driven tracking, badges, and social sharing.

For those designers looking to learn Adobe XD and it's powerful features, download XD for free: and the UI Kit for free:

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