Jon Fitzsimmons

Western Fair District

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Before we dive into the details of the project, I'd like to say that this is NOT an official re-brand of the Western Fair District. This is purely conceptual and I was never hired or asked to do this. The reason I chose to do this project was out of personal enjoyment.

The current Western Fair District branding received mixed reviews. While the current logo is unique and modernized, people missed the excitement and style of the old logo. The old design featured large arching text that communicated fun, excitement, and surely reminded people of what it was like to attend the actual fair. The current design lacks one important factor for me – a system that can tie the whole brand together. The District encompasses numerous buildings: the raceway, market, sports centre, agriplex, and more. For this project, I wanted to ensure I designed a logo that could be used for all of different venues (if not independently owned) and captured the excitement of the old branding that everyone missed.

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