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A New Website for FinTech Startup

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A New Website for FinTech Startup data visualization storytelling web experimental 2d after affects design money svg illustration hero live fintech startup margin trading decentralized smooth zajno motion animation

Hey guys!

Long time, no see, eh? Well, we’ve got something big to share with you this time 😄:
1. A website we’ve designed and built for a fintech startup bZx is finally live!
2. It is now nominated on FWA and CSS Design Awards! This is our first time, so we’re incredibly excited about it, and need your support!

So, what exactly is bZx and what does it do?

bZx is a startup that specializes in decentralized margin trading. The key element here is a protocol developed by the guys that powers decentralized margin trading and can be built into any exchange. Basically, that’s a technology that allows safer lending, cheaper trading and more liquidity.

We got pretty excited here at Zajno when guys at bZx got in touch to ask us to design and build a website for them, and here’s why:

As bZx is a business that takes some pretty complex financial instruments, and makes them more accessible, their website was to play a key role in helping to break down the barriers to understanding their product. Besides, bZx didn’t just want a nice storytelling, illustrative website, they also wanted a significant dose of wow-factor. And that’s what sparked our interest!

And so we jumped to work! Having done the research and prototyping, we started experimenting with the design, trying out different solutions until we came up with the one that met all the requirements. As soon as the designs were ready, the development stage began which was even more challenging. We set ourselves the goal of completely shutting the door on ‘low-quality content’. That meant no GIFs and no PNGs, only SVG and programmed animations. We also tried applying fluid-responsive layout for the first time, and we’ve got to say we’re fascinated with the result.

As a result, we ended up with a truly storytelling website, united by a single theme, telling a compelling visual story using animation. Besides, the website is pretty original and from what we heard it does create wow-effect :) It also has good performance: ~95/100 according to Chrome Developer Tools and Lighthouse. And the last, but not the least, this project taught us a bunch new things and sharpened skills we already had, which is always cool!

There are many more interesting things to tell about this project, and we’ll do it in our new Medium article which is coming really soon! Stay tuned! Share your feedback! And support us on CSS and FWA awards platforms! Hugs :)

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