Dialoggs - Collapsable Menu

The sidebar collapses with a click and will be sticky throughout the app :) Rolling over the icons while in collapsed mode will bring up a tooltip of sorts to tell you what section it is.

Also, u'll notice some (unreleased) Pictos 4 icons throughout the app!

The entire interface is rendered using CSS. there is a sprite for the icons (because I designed and coded most of it before launching my Pictos Font Server). Other than that, it's 100% CSS effects. Gonna tell the webkit guys to play around with the app, since it is a perfect use case for them to see where they can make speed improvements!

A side benefit to the design, it looks AMAZING on the iPad! Here is a video of literally the first time i pulled it up on an iPad: http://cl.ly/1D0g1m1I2Y1Z3c0l3w21 There are NO accommodations for the iPad or mobile at this point.. it literally just happens to look rad on it :)

Here's an older video of the interface on my iMac: http://cl.ly/3O1N3Y1T101N1m3X230J

Posted on Apr 22, 2012

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