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Tic Tac Toe app

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Hey there!

Started to learn some simple AI for games. First one is a recursive minimax algorithm. Test it with Tic Tac Toe. Actually, I wrote code a couple of months ago, so it remains just to apply visual design, and maybe I publish the app on the weekends. It will be for both platforms: iOS and Android (one thing why I like Unity — you write cross-platform code).

Speaking of a visual design, I’m tired about black-and-white Helvetica style (I use it for almost all my pet projects) and decided to try something new that kids would like (sure, it’s just my product assumptions based on my cognitive bias, but I’m going to validate them): vivid MacDonald like colors (do kids like it, don’t they?), comic sans style font and kulebyaka* like forms.

*kulebyaka is a belorussian word. It means a pie without straight forms. You can't exactly say that this pie has a square or ellipse form. This is an indescribable form. This is a kulebyaka.

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