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Grand Canyon National Park

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Grand Canyon National Park flat branding lineart logo crest grand canyon national park travel outline illustration badge typography

Hello folks,

After more then month of silence I came back with the National Park badges collection #2
And also this shot is a debut of my self founded team - lots of interesting shots are coming soon.
Such projects are a challenge and a real adventure. I need to move my consciousness in each of the national parks, review hundreds of photos, study the map and features, flora and fauna.
And all this in order to find something special that characterizes this particular park, which will give an opportunity to transfer a specific national park in a stylized way and a language of graphic symbols - thousands of square kilometers are transformed into a small badge.
Yes, it is more complicated than it seems, but I'm happy that every day I go to a new journey inside my consciousness, visualizing and creating my personal interpretations.

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