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The Epiphanic Epistemic Event

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The Epiphanic Epistemic Event birmingham illustration durer epistemology theology theopolis

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Made this little illo for a poster a few months ago.

One of my favorite philosophers, Esther Lightcap Meek, came and lectured for a weeklong intensive @ Theopolis Institute here in Birmingham. She's such a joyful writer and thinker. Her approach to knowing has changed everything about my likfe, INCLUDING my approach to graphics design.

Anyway, the illo depicts the process of coming to know. Things seem disjointed, disintegrated as you're trying to understand. Then slowly, over time, the subsidiaries blend into a focal pattern and BANG! The Epiphanic Epistemic Event.

Also, this is the second weird Durer thing I've done for Theopolis. Kinda rad.

Also I had an English teacher in high school who kind of looked like Eve in the original Durer.


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