Page Indicator Exploration

Hey there!

This is a part of my exploration of page indicators. I tried to come up with different ideas by a modification of base properties of the dots:
1. Size (top-left);
2. Position (top-right);
3. Rotation (bottom-left);
4. Scale(bottom-right).

The approach to solving problems always helps me if I’m stuck, or don’t know how to start designing. Just play with properties to figure out what possibilities there are for these forms/colors (have you read Johannes Itten’s “Design and form” / “The Art of Color”? Strongly recommend!). Then you will see that there are lots of them. And if you had a problem how to come up with new ideas at the beginning, now you are wondering when to get enough time to try all these ideas that came into your head.

These interactions were made by Principle — one of my favorite tools for a quick exploration of interaction design ideas.

All principle’s source files are attached.


2 MB
2 MB
2 MB
2 MB
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