It's a project from designcrowd for an open source data analytics company.

This project was a little bit difficult for me. Not because of tricky task or something, but because of poor ux on designcrowd.

I had send a first image and then I realized I had made a mistake. There was a black line and I hadn't saw it before I send the image.

I'm a new designer on designcrowd, so my site has to be under review from their Quality Team. And while they're reviewing it, I have no chance to cancel my submittion. It's a mistake #1.

A second mistake was you can't edit the image after review. So, as you understand, my only way was to withdraw the image and to send a new version.

And I had sent a new version which was declined (!) because it's a dublicate, you know (it is third mistake, is it?). I was a little bit angry, so I began a conversation with support. After short talk they just decided to ignore me. And I didn't like it.

In the end, I had sent my design a few days after that and it was accepted (a new person reviewed my work, I guess). I didn't win in the contest, truth be told. Anyway, this experience is frustrating with or without victory.

What do you think about the site or about designcrowd? Let me know:)

Posted on Sep 13, 2018

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