Abstract Wallpaper #Tip

Abstract bg tip

Hi again,

I have noticed that some people post their dribbble shots on a cool-colorful-abstract background - here are some examples that I really like.

Below I will describe the first method that came to my mind (I'm sure there are plenty of other methods to do it, and maybe mine it's not the best - so please rebound&share your method if you have one).

1. Go to google - search and download some badass colorful photo or wallpaper. (i liked this one: http://d.pr/i/VYM6 )
2. Open it with Photoshop
3. (Optional) I added a high 'Twirl' Filter to this image but I don't do this all the time
4. Apply a ridiculous high 'Gaussian Blur' from the Filters menu to the image
5. You can also add a little Noise and play with the colors from the Image > Adjustments menu..

Here is the link to the effect I have achieved: http://d.pr/i/Rp02
I will be happy to see your results - so don't hesitate to rebound&share them! :)


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