Gowalla is hiring

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If there's one thing that (IMO) would make Dribbble even better, it's an easier way to contact users to ask if they're free for work (maybe an Endorse link on every profile page?). The members of this site are probably the most talented bunch of designers I've ever saw. Every day I check out the "Latest Uploads" stream, and am surprised by the quality work I see, most of the time by designers I've never heard of before. I often get asked by clients (when I don't have the time to accept their project) if I know any good designers who do have time for them, and almost every single time I refer them to Dribbble.

And now I have yet another client in need, in need of someone who's good with icons. I'm not getting paid to post this, nobody's holding my cat hostage, I honestly think Gowalla is an awesome company. The people who work there are smart, talented and down to earth.

So if you're an icondesigner interested in a fulltime job in pretty pretty Austin (heart of Texas), feel free to visit their jobs page for more information or shoot them an email at jobs@gowalla.com.


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