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Final of three concept pitches for a Seattle-based baking blog.

Rather than going into excessive detail about my rationale and process here, I encourage you to take a vacation day and lay your peepers on my voluminous Behance case study for this job. I'm relatively new to Behance, so if you like what you see, follow me!

Check the attachment to see my inspiration, sketches, and a few detailed shots.


This concept is less about the creation of a "logo," and more about the development of a comprehensive, adaptable, versatile visual identity system. It establishes a primary, maximalist "illustration-mark" which sets up an aesthetic style and graphic elements that can be pulled and used in various combinations across an entire brand suite.

For example, the character can be extracted from this main illustration, stripped of excess detail, and will still function as a mark without any loss of brand integrity. Accompanying the main character illustration is a secondary "head" mark, as well as a DF monogram.


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