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Recipe app | Concept uiux sharetheskill dolly parallax typogaphy aftereffects minimal recipe ae motion animation gif interaction

Hello guys! For today i've prepared something cool for you!😎

About the shot
This shot i made just for exploring new styles in UI and improve my motion design skills. I had a lot of motion concepts i wanted to try, but i focused on the following: "swipe effect", "parallax", "zoom effect" and "horizontal scroll" as a main interaction for this app concept.

My thoughts about dribbble and how to make it better
I think, i'm not the first one with this proposal, but...
We're all here for showcase our skills, works, get inspiration, likes and sometimes - jobs. But i suppose someone like me at the beginning of the career came here for the knowledge and the knowledge in my opinion is a missing part of this community. Let me explain what i talking about.

I really love motion design and UI motion design as a part of it, but since i keep learning new skills and techniques i'm often look at the most skilled guys on dribbble and here's the problem - almost no one of the designers that i like share how they made an animation. And sometimes it's almost impossible to understand how do they do it... There is no "tutorial" for it.

So what i want to do with it? Since i like to make an UI motion in After Effects - I will share my concepts (that not under NDA) with the AE source file🔥!!! And anybody can download, open it, play with it and understand how it's made.

I also urge other designers to share your source files and tips and tricks , no matter you're an illustrator, graphic designer, motion designer, UI/UX designer and etc...

Include #sharetheskill hashtag in the post if u're sharing source file and if u think that it'll be helpful to other designers. And don't forget to know if u'r using 3rd party plugins.

Help me to gather more attention not to the shot, but to my message by tagging designers that you would like to learn from and sharing this post into your social media.

Thank you, yes, you, who read all of this 💜, together we can become a better designers and make a dribbble a place where anybody can find someone to learn from.

Here is the link for this animation -
Plugins used - Motion2

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