Magnum 44

Magnum 44


Do you know who is Inspector Callahan? I bet you know, but for those who doesn't know it is enough to say that this is a legendary character which played Clint Eastwood. From his debut, Callahan became the template for a new kind of movie cop: someone who does not hesitate to cross professional and ethical boundaries in pursuit of his own vision of justice, especially when the law is poorly served by an inept bureaucracy. The "Dirty Harry" archetype does not shy away from killing; all of the Dirty Harry films feature Callahan killing criminals. His rationale for such conduct is that it is done with the greater good in mind: protecting the innocent and victims of crime. Callahan's methods are rarely endorsed by his superiors, who on various occasions have demoted, suspended or transferred him to other departments.

You can see the bigger/better/textured version here.

Mega thanks goes to Nick Slater and his wood pattern. Once again I must say - AWESOME pattern Mr. Woodman!

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